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Resident FAQ

Quick Answers for the Residents We Serve

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Resident FAQ

Quick Answers for the Residents We Serve

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Homeowners & Resident FAQs

We represent many HOA Boards and communities throughout Texas. We have taken some of the questions we are asked to help our residents about our roll as  HOA management company understand our role in their community.

Q. Why do I have to pay Association Fees and what do they cover?

A. All owners are required to pay Association Fees through an HOA management company by the governing documents of their Association. The fees may be due annually or monthly. They fund the operation and maintenance of the common property and are used to provide services for the benefit of all owners. Association Fees pay for common area landscape maintenance, repair and maintenance of pools, playgrounds and equipment, and they provide for improvements desired by the Association, and for services to the owners.

Community Landscaping

Q. What does the Association do?

A. The Association is a nonprofit corporation managed by a Board of Directors elected by the owners. The Board is responsible for the management of the Association’s funds, the enforcement of the deed restrictions, and the maintenance of common area property.

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Q. What is a “managing agent” and what is their authority?

A. The HOA management company or agent is a company that is engaged by the Board of Directors to provide guidance to the Board and to implement the Board’s decisions or instructions. Sterling ASI’s sole business is serving Associations as Managing Agent. A managing agent has no authority except as conferred by the Board of Directors. A managing agent does not make decisions; it implements the decisions of the Board.

Managing Agent

Q. What are the Governing Documents?

A. The “Governing Documents” for your association are the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (or Declaration of Condominium) plus any Rules and Regulations, Resolutions or guidelines that have been established by your association.

Governing Documents

Q. Where can I get a copy of the Governing Documents?

A. You should have received a full copy at, or prior to, closing on your home. If you need another set, it is available through your association and/or its managing agent. Your Governing Documents are recorded instruments so they are also available through the County in which your Association is located.

Recieving Copy of Governing Documents

Q. What is a deed restriction and why do I have to comply?

A. It is part of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (or Declaration of Condominium) that you agreed to when you bought your home. Through this document, you agreed to certain standards of maintenance, upkeep and behavior in order to make the community as attractive as possible for yourself and your neighbors, and to maintain or enhance your property values. When you purchase a home in a deed-restricted community you automatically agree to comply with the restrictions then in place or that are properly established.

Deed Restrictions

Q. What do the Association fees cover?

A. Your Association’s fees or “assessments” pay for the maintenance, repair and administration of the common areas and facilities of the Association. These can include pools, tennis courts, recreational facilities, street lights, greenbelts and, in the case of condominium associations, the actual physical structure of the building or buildings.
HOA Fees

Q. What is the “common area”?

A. It is the land for the use and enjoyment of the members of the Association. This includes facilities like pools and playgrounds in single-family communities and hallways, exercise facilities, and building structures in a condominium.
HOA management company help maintain neighborhood common areas

Q. Where can I pay my assessments and access my account information?

A. We hope you will visit us on our new web based resident portal that integrates with our management software to provide you with real time account information, increased communication ability, easy access to submit requests, etc.! Select the “Your Account Login” at the top right of this page to access your account and register your email address to receive notifications of interest.
Login Portal

Q. Why do I have to get the Association’s permission for home improvement?

A. This better ensures that your intended improvement meets your community’s standards as set forth in the Governing Documents and avoids the problems that arise from the construction of improvements and the use of colors or styles that conflict with others in your neighborhood.

Approved Home Improvement

Q. How do I submit an application for a modification to my home or property?

A. Applications can be submitted right from web based resident portal. Simply log in to your account and select Exterior Modification Request Form. Submit with any attachments and samples. You can also mail or email them directly to our office on the addresses found on this websites “Contact” page.

Exterior Home Improvements

Q. What types of modifications do I need to apply for?

A. Any modification to the exterior of your home must receive approval prior to starting. This includes major changes like room additions and swimming pools as well as minor changes like paint color, fencing, and/or landscape changes. 

Pool Additional

Q. How do I report issues I see in my community?

A. Contacting our office has never been easier! Simply log in to your account and report the mater directly to your management team or email us to the addresses found on this websites “Contact” page.

Unkept Front Yard

Q. How do I find out who is responsible for maintenance of certain items within my community? (ie. Fence, sidewalks, empty lots, etc.)

A. The rights and responsibilities are generally included within the neighborhoods governing documents which are available on your community page. But you can contact your management team who is here to answer all of your questions.

Community Sidewalks

Q. Neighbors Violating the Covenants of the Subdivision and bringing the Property Values down?

A. Please report such matters to our management team. Our management team will notify your neighbor and follow-up to make sure they are in compliance with the covenants. Your name and address will remain confidential when management addresses the matter with the alleged violator.

Unkept House In Neighborhood
HOA Management Company Complete FAQ for Homeowners and Residents June 26, 2020