What Is The Difference Between A Property Manager and an HOA Management Company

Whether your property is a townhome or a house that is part of a larger community, most benefit from having a management entity in place for everything from repairs to amenities. The question then becomes, “Do I need a property manager or a HOA (homeowner’s association) management company?” The answer can usually be found in the type of property or properties that are needing to be managed.

The best place to start can be learning what a property manager and an HOA management company are and then comparing their services and abilities to see which best matches your specific needs. In many cases, an HOA management company can be the best way to go.

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What Is An HOA Management Company?

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It is not uncommon in today’s day and age to be moving into one of the growing number of Texas communities that is overseen by a homeowner’s association (HOA). But do you know what an HOA management company is, and perhaps more importantly, what it does?

The overarching goal of an HOA is to better serve the residents of a community by ensuring the upkeep of the neighborhood and access to amenities. In turn, an HOA management company is usually hired as a network of additional staff to assist an HOA with actively carrying out their numerous duties.

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5 Ways an HOA Management Company Makes Your Neighborhood the Best Place To Live

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With millions of Texans choosing to live in communities governed by homeowners associations, it is not hard to see how a HOA  management company can set the tone for the success of your neighborhood.  A neighborhood with perfectly manicured lawns, fantastic walking trails, and lovely parks does not happen on its own.  Those attributes are typically the result of the professionalism of both the HOA management company and homeowners association that are working hand in hand.

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